America — A Nation of Mongrels?

I’ve been a bit busy lately, but I thought I would post something quick about an interview published in Die Zeit with Erardo Rautenberg, Attorney General for the German state of Brandenburg (sorry, no link).  During the interview, part of a recent package of articles about far-right forces in Germany, Rautenberg quotes a handout prepared by the NPD to school party operatives on how to respond to questions about the party’s opposition to mixed marriages in Germany:

"The logical country of destination for such mongrels (Mischlinge) would be the USA, where there has never been a true folk community or national culture, but rather a thoroughly racialized (durchrasste[!]) nation built only by the will of the state and of individuals, a society of rootless, autonomous individuals, where the ethno-culturally castrated individual grows like a weed, without identity and homeland."

Rautenberg says passages like this clearly show the influence of Nazi racial ideology, and therefore justify banning the NPD.  To see whether he was right about this, I turned to my well-thumbed copy of Mein Kampf (translated by Ralph Mannheim in 1943), and found this, on page 286:

"North America, whose population consists in by far the largest part of Germanic elements who mixed but little with the lower colored peoples, shows a different humanity and culture from Central and South America, where the predominantly Latin immigrants often mixed with aborigines on a large scale.  By this one example, we can clearly and distinctly recognize the effect of racial mixture.  The Germanic inhabitant of the American continent, who has remained racially pure and unmixed, rose to be master of the continent; he will remain the master as long as he does not fall a victim to defilement of the blood."

I’ll have more to say about this later, when I get a bit more free time.  Since I don’t have time to put it all in context, let me issue a disclaimer to make sure I don’t get put on any government watch lists: This is all horribly stupid, delusional nonsense!

6 thoughts on “America — A Nation of Mongrels?

  1. There are, unfortunately, apparently some Americans who agree with a similar perspective.

    According to Kathleen Parker (via Bouphonia):

    “Who “gets” America? And who doesn’t? […]

    It’s about blood equity, heritage and commitment to hard-won American values. And roots.

    Some run deeper than others and therein lies the truth of Josh Fry’s political sense. In a country that is rapidly changing demographically — and where new neighbors may have arrived last year, not last century — there is a very real sense that once-upon-a-time America is getting lost in the dash to diversity.”

    On my father’s side, my family only arrived in the late 19th century (partly from Germany). On my mother’s side not until 1948.

    According to Kathleen, it seems, my ‘heritage and commitment’ are — by definition — suspect. And my family’s ‘roots’ stretch back less far than most black Americans, who can probably trace their ancestry back to slavery.

    On the other hand, two generations of my family before me served in the military (in wartime…and, as it happens, against Germany).

    So, Kathleen, what are we to make of this?

    Yes, nothing, really.

    God, what an idiot.


  2. I actually read the entire piece, Carter Wood. Did you? Some of it was stupid, particularly the ‘blood equity’ sentence. But some of it made a reasonable point, particularly about ‘God and Guns’. I’m afraid I don’t get the ‘Gays’ part of the trope except to feel some antipathy to courts shoving a radical reinterpretation of marriage law down the throats of the citizenry. I think that the case for gay marriage should be made and enacted by the various state legislatures.

    I do realize this is not a European POV, nor is is popular in the parts of ‘blue’ America populated by the self-styled ‘enlightened’. Though people in the ‘less-enlightened’ parts of ‘blue’ America understand much of this well enough I think. I realize that many Americans don’t like democracy because it resists attempts to shove their ‘enlighened’ views down the throats of other parts of the electorate. But I think of the lack of an overriding EU-style authority as a bulwark against tyranny.

    And no Gardener,, that part of it isn’t ‘extreme right-wing influence’ . Columnist Parker is not an extreme right0-winger, and labeling moderate views as extreme is equally wrong whether it is Obama being labled so (as he has been) or Kathleen Parker or John McCain.


  3. @J. Carter Wood:

    According to Kathleen, it seems, my ‘heritage and commitment’ are — by definition — suspect. And my family’s ‘roots’ stretch back less far than most black Americans, who can probably trace their ancestry back to slavery.

    This is hardly a new sentiment (and indeed it would be rather surprising to read an original thought on a Clownhall blog). Look at this cartoon from 1893 that pokes fun at how quickly Americans turned from immigrant to nativist even then.


    And no Gardener,, that part of it isn’t ‘extreme right-wing influence’ . Columnist Parker is not an extreme right0-winger

    I sort of would have thought he was talking about the NPD pamphlet …


  4. Perhaps, Sebastien. After many years of the iniquitous nature of the US and particularly anyone to the right of (say) Al Gore being pounded in with a jackhammer, I have come to see phrases like “extreme far right-wing influence ” as a code phrase for ‘US Republican’. In Germany the phrase “extreme far right-wing influence” refers to small political parties only – while in the US it describes half the country! 😉

    Jean-François Revel: “Strangely, it is always America that is described as degenerate and ‘fascist,’ while it is solely in Europe that actual dictatorships and totalitarian regimes spring up.”

    After many years as a degenerate fascist I may have acquired ‘red ears’ disease. Not that Revel is absolutely correct in his judgement of course. Last I heard Chavez and Mugabe weren’t Europeans, nor are the Chinese leadership.


  5. > stupid, delusional nonsenseHuh!?? Which part exactly is delusional nonsense? That immigrants mix with locals in South America or that the ‘Germanic’ inhabitants of North America remain the masters of their country?That Europeans mix more with the indigenous people in South America is confirmed by both my personal experience and by a very unscientific mini-poll amongst my South American friends. About mixing with the Africans I am not 100% sure but it seems to me that the question of race is much more uncontentious in those regions than in the U.S. The … oh wait, this just in from West Virginia, at least the Germanic inhabitants of that state still seem to be the masters. As for the rest of the country, it was certainly true around the time that Mein Kampf was written.As for the NPD, I am glad that there is enough democracy left in Germany that at least some of the populace’s minority opinions on the state of the world are still allowed to find themselves expressed and represented in a national party. With all the talk about Leitkultur, semantically not too far away from a Leitgedanke, I was expecting the Thought Police any day now. Well at least by keeping the discussion of outlawing the party going, they keep maintaining the familiar maturity of a 5-year old that seeks to attack the cause by attacking the symptoms. Should that change one day I’d suddenly have to spend some mental energy on adjusting my existing view of Germany as Dimwit Nation, but thankfully that doesn’t seem likely to happen soon.On a personal note, Andrew, with voluntarily and preemptively succumbing to authority and running your typings against a mental checklist of Allowed Things to Type (“before I end up on any watch lists …”), congratulations, you have proven to be a Worthy German (TM), your new passport is in the mail. Why don’t you go and start practicing marching up and down the “Ko” already.


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