Wilco Archive Online

I doubt this blog’s demographic skews heavily toward fans of American indie rock, but if it does, let me point you to at The Owl and Bear [h/t Bacchus].  It’s got hours of taped concerts by Wilco and other bands, available online for free, usually in pristine sound quality.  Their weekly podcasts are also pretty interesting — it’s a feature I’m considering introducing here at GJ (perhaps during the summer, after the day job duties subside).

And a question — are there similar German sites?  Or did the tape-trading culture never reach across the Atlantic?

3 thoughts on “Wilco Archive Online

  1. I’m glad to hear it, Frederik. I always sort of respected Wilco, and loved their albums with Billy Bragg, but never really developed warm feelings for them. The live shows, though, have changed all that. The friend of mine who gave me the tip has the following recommendations:

    “I highly recommend the 2/16/08 matrix recording and the 2/19/08 stereo fm source (2 of the 5 shows in which the band covered their entire catalog). The 10/30/04 show is among my all-time favorites.

    There’s some other good stuff here: the December Yo La Tengo shows (at least the 2.5 to which I’ve listened are good), and for you Neil Young fans, the 11/15/76 show in the live downloads section (if it comes from the same soundboard source that is widely circulated) is definitely worth a listen.”


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