Share your Neuroses

Over at i am neurotic:

If I accidently tap my pinky on a table, that’s ONE, and I must complete a 100-count: the four fingers left on one hand (5), the five fingers on the other hand (10), then 10 fingers together (20) and again (30), and so on until 100.

My favorite:

When I am riding in a car, I imagine lines going out from the corners of the car to the edge of the road, enclosing a certain region of the sidewalk. Whenever something like a tree or a car falls within this region, I have to register it, often by clicking my teeth. Also, the things I register have to alternate sides.

My submission:

Any texture that involves networks of tiny lines crossing at random angles (such as the vein-skeleton of a decayed leaf, or projections of eye capillaries) drives a cold chill up my spine.  Tiny networks of straight lines (like mosquito netting) are fine.

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