‘The Monster of Amstetten’

Re: the Austrian guy who kept his daughter locked up in a cellar for 24 years (g): From all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland, I hear the faint clicking sounds of movies, plays and, most importantly, operas about this case beginning to be written.  Can it be long before Gregor Schneider (g) re-creates the Amstetten cellar dungeon in an art gallery near you?

5 thoughts on “‘The Monster of Amstetten’

  1. “re-creates the Amstetten cellar dungeon in an art gallery near you”

    Gawd I hope not.

    Is this a peculiarly Austrian trait, do you think?

  2. Nothing like a fresh look at our world-famous Betroffenheitskultur. And certainly filed in the right category, although “German Customs and Manners” might have been an equally fitting description.

  3. A follow up on your predictions which apparently have so far only partly become true: in Vienna, the alternative 3-Raum-Anatomietheater staged the play Pension F. (allegedly having attracted death threats for the play’s creator), and in New Zealand, of all places, a musical called Das Roq Opera and inspired by Fritzl’s crimes, will debut on March 26.

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