6 thoughts on “La Piece de Resistance: House Maid Sandwich

  1. Got one for you, an original from a restaurant in Marseille:

    Roast oax net with apples matches ??

    Filet de boeuf grillé avec des pommes allumettes !!


  2. The House Maid sandwich sounds a little like the ‘Waitress sandwich’ which Senators Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd were fond of in their younger days when they were dirty old men.

    Though personally I’ve always thought whipped cream and a cherry went better with a maid than a croque-monsieur, the French obviously have more sophisticated tests than I do….

    I can only commend the chef for giving his all in the kitchen. I’m sure Hannibal Lecter would say the same.


  3. In Vienna, there exists a quite nice café. On the front door, people can inform theirselves about the opening hours and are pleased to read that they can stay: from 8:00 until 26:00.


  4. In my job I often need to translate menus from German into English. Or more to the point, I get to FIX terrible mistakes such as the ones you see here.

    People would be surprised, some of the best restaurants in town have not deemed it necessary to simply have a native English speaker do a decent job on a bit of translation.

    Actually it is harder than you might realize to put something together which sounds nice on a menu, in any language.


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