5 thoughts on “Fetch My Triceratops Harness

  1. The Link doesn´t work.

    I have to admit: if the creationists had spoke to me when i was young and presented me with the offchance to ride a Triceratops or a Veliciraptor i would have been on their side in a heartbeat.
    It probably would have been enough to tell me, that my ancestors rode them.
    Something like this might work wonders:

  2. Ride a *Velociraptor*?

    The thing weighed 16 kg. You might as well try to ride a standard poodle.

    The largish dromaeosaurs shown in Jurassic Park were founded on Paul’s theory that Velociraptor was synonymous with *Deinonychus*, a wolf- to leopard-sized animal. This was reasonable back than, but has been proven wrong now. Paul also suggested that dromaeosaurs in general and *Velociraptor* in peculiar were feathered, but the makers of Jurassic Park shunned the idea, because in the early nineties, CGI technology wasn’t yet as highly developed as it is now, and they still were unable to depict credible and life-like looking feathers. Ironically, while the accepted *Deinonychus* connection has been proven wrong, the shunned existence of feathers in *Velociraptor* has been proven without doubt: Arm bones with quill-knobs on them have been found.

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