Back in a Budapest Minute

Well, I had to move out of the luxury conference hotel with the wireless Internet (paid for by the German Government while I was on Official Academic Business) into a cheap pension that shares space with a tooth implant company (which is all I can afford otherwise). 

So, no more Internet access for 3 days.  I leave you with one picture that pretty much says it all about the research I’ll be doing during that time:


Yes, you guessed it, those are rare North American Bactrinesca Apollodorensis sycamores in that picture, which have developed some fascinating resistance strategies to European basketworm larvae attacks!

Back to regular posting over the weekend, I promise.  In the meantime, keep it healthy, safe and clean.

2 thoughts on “Back in a Budapest Minute

  1. Given how bad we looked at trial, do we even want to appeal the Witt case? If we don’t appeal Witt, though, have we in effect conceded the whole ball game? Will a lame duck session pull our butts out of the fire? This is really no fun.


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