A Liberal Realignment?

Super Tracker

I'm supposed to give a couple of speeches on the Presidential elections in the coming weeks, so you'll have to tolerate a few more posts about U.S. politics. As of mid-November, I plan to start pretty much ignoring politics again.

Until then, though, there will be posts like this one, in which I quote U.S. center-right commentator Ross Douthat on one possible long-term implication of the yesterday's vote in the U.S. House of Representatives: 

The stock market continues to drop. Some version of the bailout passes in the next week. The American economy staggers into a recession, but passes through the storm without 1930s-style suffering; the Republican Party is not so fortunate. Even though most Americans claim to oppose the bailout … the House GOP's obstructionism is widely viewed as having worsened the economic situation; the fact that these are contradictory positions does not faze an electorate that wraps all of the country's current troubles up, ties them with a bow, and lays them at the feet of the Bush-led GOP. John McCain loses by a landslide in November. The Democratic Party regains years or even decades worth of ground among the white working class, consolidates the Hispanic vote, and locks up a large chunk of highly-educated voters who might otherwise lean conservative. The much-discussed liberal realignment happens. And a politician running on a Ron Paul-style [laissez-faire] economic platform does very, very well in the GOP primaries of 2012.

From your lips to God's ears, Ross!

[llustration: National Super Tracker poll aggregator from fivethirtyeight.com]

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