A Slovenian Folk Saying You Won’t Soon Forget

Giant Green Penis Man

A Slovenian friend recently used a Slovenian folk saying about how easy it is to propose that problems be solved by other peoples' sacrifices: "It's always easier to beat the poison ivy with someone else's dick."

This raises a few questions. First, what are Slovenians doing that brings their penises into contact with poison ivy? And is it really "easy" to bring someone to a patch of poison ivy and manipulate their member? (Perhaps yes, if it's done Lorena Bobbitt style).

These issues aside, it certainly makes the point.

5 thoughts on “A Slovenian Folk Saying You Won’t Soon Forget

  1. I suspect your Slovenian friend pulled your leg. Poison ivy is not a part of the European flora; so I seriously doubt that it could become part of a folk saying.


  2. Always a possibility, Junger Gott, especially with this friend.

    However, my faith in the folk saying is unshaken: my friend first recited the saying in Slovenian, and confessed he had no idea how to translate the name of the plant.

    I asked him what kind of plant it was, and he said it was the kind of plant that hurts when you touch it. “Like poison ivy?” I asked. “Well, not really, but that’s close enough. The exact name of the plant is not important, just that it’s something you don’t want to touch. Especially with your penis.”


  3. The plant in question is probably stinging nettle. If that is so, the beating may be to break the stinging hairs before further use (of the plant, that is).


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