Annette Stoeckler ‘Gun Fun’

Duesseldorf not only boasts several fine museums, but hundreds of tiny galleries and art spaces pocking the city like welcome holes of airy jouissance in the thick, tasty semi-gelatinous mass of urban life.  One of these spaces is Atelier am Eck (Studio at the Corner), located in a reconditioned former paper factory called the Salzmannbau (g). The studio is now showing works by two German artists who recently completed an artist-exchange program at the Ein Hod Artists' Colony in Israel. One of the artists, Annette Stoeckler, was hanging out in the studio, chatting with visitors. She's displaying full-length charcoal portraits made in Israel, and an installation called Gun Fun.

When you visit Israel, you can't help noticing all the people wandering around doing completely ordinary things while carrying large automatic weapons. Stoeckler decided to make this the theme of an installation of clay figures, which are attached "by the gun" to the gallery wall. Here are some photos:

Gun Fun Side View 1


Gun Fun Detail 1


Gun Fun Detail 2

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