Adventures in Spiritual Outreach

Obscene Desserts has been on a run lately. One of the many fine recent entries helpfully translates a German-language article from the Sueddeutsche about a Protestant pastor in Germany who may be getting into legal trouble for crucifying Playmobil figures:

It's just not easy to crucify a little Playmobil person. The arms of the finger-length plasic figures are too rigid and they can't be spread out sideways. But Protestant pastor Markus Bomhard knows how to get around this. They just have to be held long enough over a burning candle or under a hot hairdryer, he says: 'Then the plastic becomes very soft and can be re-shaped.' Afterwards, the figure is briefly left to cool and harden before it can be nailed to the cross.

'We're bothered by the complete change in the figures', says a [Playmobil] spokeswoman, 'which infringes on our copyright.' Christ on the cross is a perfect example of that, as are Adam and Eve, whom the creative pastor gave, respectively, male genitalia and glued-on breasts. 'As long as someone makes changes in private, just for themselves, we're really quite tolerant', says the Playmobil spokeswoman. But with Bomhard that 'has taken on another dimension entirely.'

I think we're all looking forward to the lawsuit Playmobil Enterprises vs. Evangelical Church of Germany. For another approach to integrating puppets into worship, click here.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Spiritual Outreach

  1. I was about to mention the “Brick testament”, which is extremely well made.
    Been there, done that:
    When I was in a Christian children group about 25+ years ago, two of the older guys, my brother and me actually did several series of photos recreating biblical stories with playmobil figures. But only nice ones from the old testament where one could use all the knights etc. We did at least Daniel in the Lion’s Den, the writing on the wall during Belshazzar’s Feast and the young men in the fiery furnace as well. I don’t remember how the fire was done, probably we put the figures behind a little fire and then it was shot from such a perspective that it looked like they were within the flames. I don’t recall why exactly these stories… something with Saul, David and the Philistines would have been nice as well.. These were then projected on slides for the entertainment of the younger children. Probably someone narrated the story as the slides were shown. It certainly was fun staging those scenes!
    And I wonder, whether those slides still exist somewhere, maybe even being used for the spiritual benefit of youngsters. ­čśë


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