Rhineland Swing

Harry Heib and the Dee Band

I was at a wedding over the weekend at which the Dee Band (g) played. Harry Heib and the Dee Band, that is.

This was much more than wedding entertainment: the Dee Band has been an established combo for nearly a decade, and they are tight. Heib and the band focus on the Great American Songbook, which Heib's creamy tenor (along with a varying roster of female co-leads and backup singers) caresses with uncannily authentic timing and intonation. But the Dee Band also dips into many other songbooks, including bossa nova and Neue Deutsche Welle (including a toe-tapping lounge version of Skandal im Sperrbezirk). They dazzled everybody and played with undiminished gusto into the very wee hours…

All in all, they're a classy bunch of kids. And I'm pretty sure you can hire them…

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