A Gem-Like City

A couple of relatives came to visit me about a month ago and I took them on a little tour of Duesseldorf, during which I again came face-to-face with the fact that Duesseldorf is a green and pleasant town. Here's a recent photo of Schloss Eller, a small baroque 'castle-ette' surrounded by a park designed by the great German landscape architect Maximilian Weyhe (g):

Pond behind Schloss Eller

For my money, Eller Park has the most beautiful fall foliage in all of Duesseldorf. Here's a sycamore in the park that reminds me of Baucis and Philemon*:

Baucis & Philemon Tree Schloss Eller

And finally, a view of the Rhein promenade from the Oberkasseler Bridge, about midnight. A waterfall of light:

Rheinpromenade von Oberkasseler Bruecke Bei Nacht


* Who knew you could embed Google Books?


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