Reclamation of A Trade Park

Witzelstr. 55 is the address of a mixed commercial and industrial trade area in the middle of Duesseldorf that was entirely abandoned in mid-2002.

Since then, lots of interesting things have been going on there. I’m working on a more ambitious project, but until then, here is a slideshow of images taken in October 2007, April 2008, and August of 2009. However, I recommend that instead of watching this glorious decay through a little window, you follow the link below to my Picasa photo album, and run a full-screen slideshow.


3 thoughts on “Reclamation of A Trade Park

  1. It would be interesting to know what exactly happened to that place. It appears a little strange (un-German if you will) that so much furniture and even the business signs are still there. It alsmost looks as if all people suddenly decide to leave the place in a hurry.

    It reminds me of some horror movie where all human beings have been annihilated by some sudden catastrophe.


  2. More of an effort should be made to reclaim abandoned industrial sites in or near cities to prevent further loss of green space. Waste deposits, usually in the form of subsoil contaminants, are expensive to remove and must be removed under German law. This is one reason why old city factories are not repurchased and used for new industries or other purposes. As a result, green areas outside cities are vanishing as new industrial plants are constructed there to circumvent Altlasten legislation.

    This is one instance where I would approve government subsidies to preserve the green areas that are so important for preservation of biodiversity and prevention of flooding.


  3. If you look at it, you will hopefully notice that much of the area is actually already covered with plants. If your idea of making the place greener is to make into some sort of park, let me tell you that the place as it is is a lot more fun.
    Also, Witzelstraße 55 isn’t actually outside Düsseldorf.


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