English Crime-Fighting Pushes the Technological Envelope


 The bobby's secret weapon in the eternal struggle against evil is an infernally clever new 'robotic mind' capable of performing literally dozens of calculations per hour. The mysterious new electro-static crime-fighing brain is called by its secret code name, 'Commodore 64':

Consider: in this day of powerful servers that connect computers around the globe, the link between the London Metropolitan Police’s communication system and that of the Tube’s Transport Police is a pleasant police officer named Vanessa, who reads reports of crimes in progress off of one system and inputs that news into the other. This is because the communication system of the Metropolitan Police is based on a Commodore 64 computer, which may be out of date and incompatible with the Windows operating system but it works fine and everybody in the department knows how to use it, and no one is going to invest the time or money to upgrade.