My Forthcoming Book: Ending the Death Penalty

 (Forgive the blurb. New posts Book Cover below!)

A note to my readers: My first book, Ending the Death Penalty: The European Experience in Global Perspective, will be published in the UK on May 14, 2010 by Palgrave MacMillan. You can pre-order it at Palgrave's website here, at here, and at here.

I've often heard the question "Why does the United States still practice the death penalty"? I wrote this book to hazard an answer to an even more interesting question: "Why does Europe no longer have the death penalty?" I analyze the question based on the historical examples of Great Britain, France, and Germany, then try to place the resulting conclusions in global perspective. More information here.

11 thoughts on “My Forthcoming Book: Ending the Death Penalty

  1. congrats to your book! i will force my library to get it!

    it is called “ending” the death penalty – are you suggesting any practical political measures at some point?


  2. Thanks, Peter. The book is not a work of advocacy, more like comparative law and policy analysis. Nevertheless, if there’s one message that comes through, it’s that changing public opinion on capital punishment is impossible. The countries that have managed to abolish the death penalty have political systems in which criminal-justice policy is made by elites who are well-insulated from day-to-day shifts in the public mood. Create institutions that insulate criminal-justice policy from public opinion, and you’ve at least made abolition possible, if not inevitable.


  3. I was thinking it was going to cost US$ 165.49 and instead it is only US$ 73.17 at Amazon ! A definite must read…and not too pricey.


  4. I can understand the sticker shock. As an unproven first-time author, I don’t got no suction with the publisher, and have to pretty much accept the terms I was offered.

    Nevertheless, according to the arcane calculus of academic book pricing, $77 is isn’t bad. Some luckless writers end up with books costing twice that amount. And Palgrave have been a real pleasure to work with so far, so I’m not complaining.


  5. Congrats on your first book! Any idea what the cover’s going to look like? (I always judge books by their covers, and the method has served me well thus far…)


  6. cohu, the image in the article may look like a hairdresser’s first attempt to design a flyer, but it is labeled “Book Cover”.


  7. I hope the final book cover won’t have the publication date printed on it in 36pt, that would be…unconventional ­čÖé
    Most of Palgrave’s covers are really nice though


  8. People — the image is just something I threw together using a Powerpoint design, simply to have some sort of a “book-lookin’ image” to hold peoples’ attention.

    I am sure the actual book cover will be much nicer. I will post it as soon as it’s available.


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