Chillin’ with Walter Ulbricht

Greetings from Vienna, where I've been enjoying my readers' spot-on recommendations. I'll post about Kakania when I have a chance. Meanwhile, a ready-made post consisting of pictures sent in by loyal reader Ed Philp.

Some friends of mine were recently prescribed one of those delightful German "rest cures" to help their baby recover after an operation. The place in question is the Kurklinik Wandlitz (g), a green and leafy sanatorium near Berlin. Wandlitz served the same function for leaders of East Germany who were exhausted after a full day of running the farmers and workers' state. The adult recreation room at Wandlitz is the former private office of Walter Ulbricht, General Secretary of the Socialist Unity arty from 1950 to 1971. My friend has sent me photos from deep inside the fetid lair of this egg-shaped revolutionary. First, the overview:

Ulbricht's Office General View

Some of his books:

Ulbricht's Books

 And finally, some board games for the parents, including (in the center of the photo), one called "Train to the West". My friend comments: "I doubt this board game is an original!"

Zug nach Westen

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