Quote of the Day: Zbigniew Herbert

“The poet’s sphere of action, if he has a serious attitude toward his
work, is not the present, by which I mean the current state of
socio-political and scientific knowledge, but reality, man’s
stubborn dialogue with the concrete reality surrounding him, with this
stool, with that person, with this time of day—the cultivation of the
vanishing capacity for contemplation.”

Zbigniew Herbert, 1972 (via).

One thought on “Quote of the Day: Zbigniew Herbert

  1. Ah, yes,the dialectical route to eternal verities of pathos, bathos even, through concrete particularity, as in “Here I sit, all broken hearted,tried to sh*@3t, but only, etc.”

    Of course, Zbigniew may have meant “stool” in a different sense.


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