German Word of the Week: Kriegweinwirkung


Tomorrow I'll be in Cologne for a "business lunch," believe it or not. After enjoying some Koelnische Touristenblutwurst, I plan on visiting a few of the fine Romanesque churches in that city.

Being the Bildungsbuerger (building-burger) that I am, I perused the outstanding Wikipedia article (g) on the church (in fact, all of Cologne's Romanesque churches have great Wikipedia entries, and one even won a prize (g)).

In the paragraph on Glocken (which can mean bells or breasts, in this case most likely the former), I ran across this sentence: "Die ursprünglich kleine Glocke wurde durch Kriegweinwirkung zerstört, jedoch im gleichen Ton ihrer 1959 nachgegossen." The translation is: "The original small bell was destroyed by…", err, something called Kriegweinwirkung.

A close relative would be Kriegseinwirkung, which would mean "war damage." But what we have includes the word wein, which even non-German-powered can recognize as wine. Thus, we have a word which means, roughly, "the effects of war-wine."

Unfortunately, the Wikipedia article doesn't dwell on exactly how war-wine came to destroy the bell, although I imagine a little 'carbine practice' was involved.

7 thoughts on “German Word of the Week: Kriegweinwirkung

  1. Indeed a nice typo (Kriegweinwirkung), w being close to the s on the keyboard. Though unfortunately even then it had to be “Kriegsweinwirkung” to be actual German. Then it would be as funny for German readers to discover as it has been for you.

    A lot of Germans seem to have had plenty of “Kriegswein” in 1914 in particular, despite the fact that (despite in the some very western parts of Germany) it was more probably “Kriegsbier”.

    On a realated note: (Germans, Alcohol, War) I recommend this short paragraph §22 from “Germania” by Tacitus — especially its last part:


  2. Dealt with. Possibly, this blog’s building burgers, including the burgomaster, are to busy imbibing Kriegwein (or their preferred poison) to make themselves useful. Uti, non abuti, guys.


  3. Gebäudebürger – sind wir das nicht alle ?

    Gebäude-Burger = Gebäudeklöpse = Couchpotatoes,
    that is what you are ???

    Nothing for ungood, höhö.


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