Quote of the Day: Edward Bellamy

"[The average American] conceived of a socialist, when he considerd him at all, as a mysterious type of desperado, reputed to infest the dark places of continental Europe and engaged with his fellows in a conspiracy as monstrous as it was futile, against civilization and all that it implied."

Edward Bellamy, Introduction the American edition of Socialism: The Fabian Essays (1894).

One thought on “Quote of the Day: Edward Bellamy

  1. So he’s wrong, that dummy? C’mon, even if western social democracy should be the bee’s knees, does it outweigh eastern socialist, um, democracy? Or wait, now I get it; the eastern guys just misunderstood the concept, so their very best efforts don’t count in polite company. So, we have a big fat plus on our side of history. It takes a lawyer, nay, a law prof to make simple math fanciful.


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