German Rule of the Week: Federal Garden Plot Law

tiny houses for people with tiny lives!

A new series in which we celebrate Ordnung.

What better place to begin than the Bundeskleingartengesetz, the Federal Garden Plot Law. From Section 3:

(1) A garden plot should not be larger than 400 square meters. During use and cultivation of the garden plot, all requirements relating to protection of the environment, the local habitat, and the landscape shall be taken into account.

(2) In the garden plot, it is permitted to construct a simply-furnished small house with a maximum of 24 square meters of floor space, including any covered outdoor seating area. Sections 29 to 36 of the Building Code apply accordingly. The house's overall design, and especially its furnishings and equipment, may not be suited to long-term residence.

2 thoughts on “German Rule of the Week: Federal Garden Plot Law

  1. For the record: the law only applies to small garden plots that people lease in a small garden plot colony; it doesn’t mean that noone can have a garden bigger than 400 square meters.


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