Teens and Sex in Europe

An American puts together a slideshow illustrating — by means of ads, video clips, survey results, and interviews — that Europeans have a much less hypocritical approach to young people screwing than America does.

Not much that will be surprising here, but still it's encouraging to see Americans looking across the pond for lessons in this particular area of social policy, in which the States does just about everything wrong…

Let’s Go to the Erotic Mass!

Let me clear something up right away. This Messe (which means both Mass and convention in German) won't be held in a church. Instead the "World of Eroticism" will be held next weekend in the Philipshalle (g) a medium-sized venue in Düsseldorf. As I always told my European friends in the US, you'll never really understand this country unless you visit a gun show. They took my advice, and returned blanched with terror at seeing so many gleaming weapons, hand grenades, and SS memorabilia in one place.

I guess the European equivalent might be such an Erotikmesse. So I think I'll go next weekend, since it's going to be literally around the corner from where I live. If I survive, I'll post a dispatch.