Chris DeBurgh is Alive!

It's the last Saturday in January, so that means it must be time for the Winter Festival of Folk Music!! I poured myself a nice mug of Glühwein, fired up a gigantic joint cinnamon-scented candle, and switched on ARD.

And who should I see but one of the many washed-up underappreciated stars of the Anglosphere who have found refuge in Germany — Chris DeBurgh. Here, DeBurgh — who clambered onto the edge of the Anglosphere's radar screen in the mid-1980s and then disappeared forever — sings a duet with Florian Silbereisen.

I had assumed that DeBurgh was moldering in permanent rehab or running a B & B by now, but he's alive, kicking, and…step-dancing:

Note: Apparently Sony Music, as part of the music business' ingenious business strategy, has decided to prevent Germans from seeing this video, which was broadcast on a German public television station just two days ago. Your TV taxes at work! This software (which is annoying but effective) can help.

UPDATE: Found a clip that seems to work better, who knows for how long…

6 thoughts on “Chris DeBurgh is Alive!

  1. No, my point was that your TV taxes paid for this holiday special, which is apparently now being claimed by Sony as its property.


  2. GEZZZ i SAW THAT TOO.. but I just thought it was my hangover after a night partying in Berlin. Another reason to say “I´m glad I´m back home”


  3. @ Ligia
    “..glad to be back home.”
    What do I find while having a closer look at the website recommended by our host?
    “…Nevertheless, he has gained an astounding popularity in other countries, particularly Norway and Brazil.”
    (Hervorhebung durch die Unterzeichnerin)


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