Chris DeBurgh is Alive!

It's the last Saturday in January, so that means it must be time for the Winter Festival of Folk Music!! I poured myself a nice mug of Glühwein, fired up a gigantic joint cinnamon-scented candle, and switched on ARD.

And who should I see but one of the many washed-up underappreciated stars of the Anglosphere who have found refuge in Germany — Chris DeBurgh. Here, DeBurgh — who clambered onto the edge of the Anglosphere's radar screen in the mid-1980s and then disappeared forever — sings a duet with Florian Silbereisen.

I had assumed that DeBurgh was moldering in permanent rehab or running a B & B by now, but he's alive, kicking, and…step-dancing:

Note: Apparently Sony Music, as part of the music business' ingenious business strategy, has decided to prevent Germans from seeing this video, which was broadcast on a German public television station just two days ago. Your TV taxes at work! This software (which is annoying but effective) can help.

UPDATE: Found a clip that seems to work better, who knows for how long…

6 thoughts on “Chris DeBurgh is Alive!

  1. GEZZZ i SAW THAT TOO.. but I just thought it was my hangover after a night partying in Berlin. Another reason to say “I´m glad I´m back home”


  2. @ Ligia
    “..glad to be back home.”
    What do I find while having a closer look at the website recommended by our host?
    “…Nevertheless, he has gained an astounding popularity in other countries, particularly Norway and Brazil.”
    (Hervorhebung durch die Unterzeichnerin)


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