2 thoughts on “BBC 4 on Krautrock

  1. A few thoughts on the clip:

    1) The first blue-eyed, baby-faced Schlager singer at the beginning is Rex Gildo. He died in 1999 after jumping from a window. His was a sad life at the end.

    2) Some of the best German rock music from the 60s and 70s is “Ostrock”, from the DDR. I particularly like Renft — a band worth looking into. They were not simply banned but deemed no longer to exist by the communist ministry of culture, for their subversive lyrics. 2 of them ended up in the stasi prison Hohenschönhausen.


  2. Quote: “They shared one common goal: a forward-looking desire to transcend Germany’s past”

    This is complete BS. And it shows that the producers themselves are just as war-obsessed and suffer from the same compulsive disorder of having to read !GAS CHAMBER! into everything German. Most musicians probably just wanted to make music and express themselves, as any other artist around the world, without feeling the need to “transcend” anything. And even if some of them did have that goal, why would they necessarily have shared that with the others? Krautrock, whatever the hell that actually means, is as diverse a term as “trees”, and the artists had just as diverse goals, if they had any at all.


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