Germany as Elegant Senior Residence for Forgotten Anglo Pop Stars, Part XVI

Remember Kim Wilde? I didn't think so.

But I do! Granted, it's not much of a memory, really nothing more than a hazy recollection of hearing one of her last pop hits on the FM radio of my Toyota Corolla in 1985. Since then, nobody in the English-speaking world has paid the slightest attention to Wilde. Allmusic devotes precisely one sentence to her later career: "Wilde continued to record in the '90s, scoring the occasional hit, either in the dance or adult contemporary field." You can almost hear the author filing his fingernails and yawning.

Needless to say, if the Anglo world has forgotten about a pop star, this is the cue for Germans — with their charming loyalty to faded relics of pop-music history — to step in and save the day. And lo, Wilde just played a concert in a large venue in Frankfurt, Germany, and the concert was actually reviewed in one of Germany's leading newspapers (g)! And Wilde was joined on stage by members of — wait for it — Kajagoogoo and Alphaville!

7 thoughts on “Germany as Elegant Senior Residence for Forgotten Anglo Pop Stars, Part XVI

  1. Probably the Eighties Revival ist stronger in Germany than in the States?
    Just look around how many Parties you can find for music of the eighties.
    So why not concerts at the revival theme?


  2. Just to answer to your question with few highlights
    Kim Wilde -won Best female artist in UK, she has a lot of Germ Bravo awards, MultiPlatinum albums even from 90’s, Kim Toured in 88 with Michael Jackson (personaly picked her) on his BAD tour, Kim toured with David Bowie, Kim Wilde had hits even in 93 “If i can’t have u”, Kim was lat female singer having #1 hit in USA, Kim had 10 Top 10 hits in UK and germany and France (biggest Music markets in EU)
    Kim just released new song “Lights down low and new album “Come out and play ” entered Top 10 in Germany, now she is on the Tour and then off to Paris promoting her new album…Thats enough said about “Long forgotten”? No its not forgotten its just mostly about Justin Bieber and Rap music today…


  3. @Hepkat: Nothing new under the sun. My father told me from his own experience that already in the late 60’s and early 70’s, many German lawyers would go to Austria to complete a PhD in law because of the low standards for admission. Apparently Innsbruck was a popular faculty to do this (beautiful scenery, skiing and all that), which is why these people were called “Dr. inns.”


  4. Not to rain on your parade (article) but Kim Wilde was very popular in Europe and Australia, Japan even America, but mainly Europe she is named Icon -Pop Princess etc.,
    That Review was taken from 1993 (The hits collection) some American Fat writer who had no idea anything about Kim’s career.
    Kim Wilde is with Sony and just had new album out Come out and i heard it went Gold, if you see her Discography and videography you’ll understand what a big catalog Kim has…Don’t believe those “old” articles.


  5. Kim Wilde just hasn’t ever been that successful in the USA as she has been in Europe. But imho the UK still is an Anglosaxon country.

    By the way, there also are American singers who make it in Europe, but not in America, e. g. Suzi Quattro in the 70s.


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