The Kitten Poster Ordnance

Yes, this is my picture of two beautiful unicorns feeling pretty. Do you want to touch them? APPLICATION DENIED, FOREIGNER. YOU HAVE 30 DAYS TO LEAVE GERMANY OR FACE INTERNMENT.

Just a question, prompted by some recent visits to German government bureaucrats: Is there a law requiring the walls of minor public officials to be decorated with posters and pictures of kittens, unicorns, dolphins, and/or  chimpanzees? Die Pflichtverordnung zur umweltorienterten Büroschmuck?

4 thoughts on “The Kitten Poster Ordnance

  1. Upper class twits would hate it if the occasional–unwitting–mark of distinction were missing where it can be rightfully expected to soothe their troubled minds, travailed while procuring public good in huge, steaming heaps. On the other hand, proles are painfully aware of the few intersections in the social sphere where their superiors must make contact to the unwashed masses, and the awkward nature of these encounters, so they comply to keep them happy; after all, they know their Burkean trustees to care about them sincerely, though in their own sweet, twisted ways (besides, our fellow humans of the less refined persuasion think cute animals are, um, cute). They are fine with their tax money financing demanding, complicated, art for those who can appreciate it, while ripping out posters of cute puppies of their cheap magazines for themselves. We’re talking Europe here, so they also know their tax money buys those grandees quality education they are to dumb to acquire anyway, as their masters will use it for the common good, no questions asked.

    On a side note: as far as I can tell from personal experience the underlings that be actually rather chose cuteness of, say, this or that kind. So while undeniably shitty, it’s actually notably less shitty than what our host provided. Then again, noblesse oblige.


  2. Oh my, your bürokratendeutsch is somwhat lacking. Of course the correct fachchinesisch should be:

    Pflichtverordnung zu umweltorientertem Büroschmuck?

    You see: zu and -tem! You should brush up your grammar.


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