Saint’s Skull in the Bargain Bin

This news from Ireland:

A severed head alleged to belong to the patron saint of genital diseases will hit the auction block in Ireland Sunday.

Saint Vitalis of Assisi died 640 years ago, but the Italian Benedictine monk's encased head can now be yours.

Auctioneer Damien Matthews of Matthews Auction Rooms estimates the ancient skull could fetch up to $1,650.

Only $1650? What's the world coming to when (cue swelling strings)…a saint's skull sells for a song?

On a more serious note, I find this story a bit fishy, because I find it hard to believe that it's legal to buy and sell human remains in Ireland. But perhaps they have some sort of permit.

One thought on “Saint’s Skull in the Bargain Bin

  1. Well, maybe if an image of Jesus suddenly appeared on the skull, the price would multiply. Saint Vitalis only seems to attract a very small audience. A collectors thing (The Saints heads. Gotta get’em all). No strong brand identity.

    Reliquiae sales. Like in the good old days *sigh*. ­čÖé


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