The Nitrogen Method

In this BBC documentary, former Conservative MP Michael Portillo goes on a quest to find the ultimate humane way of killing a human being. He displays the gruesome shortcomings of existing execution methods, often by 'testing' them on himself or on animals. The video is not for the squeamish.

Considering this is a BBC documentary, it may surprise you to find out that, in the end, Portillo actually does find what he considers to be a foolproof, humane method of execution.

2 thoughts on “The Nitrogen Method

  1. Seen this a few years ago, but didn’t get what Portillo wanted to achieve in this film. How’s this a topic that needs to be investigated by a British politician? But hey, at least he gets to debate your Lieblingsfeind Rob Blecker.
    So what’s your take on the whole thing?


  2. That Professor Blecker at the end of the film is very disturbing. Is he really so hateful, or has he just found a unique selling point in the United States’ opinon market and is over-acting a bit?


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