‘The Invention of Germany’

So, listening to BBC Radio 4 on my new Logitech Squeezebox Internet Radio, which I am really enjoying, I hear an promo for an upcoming series entitled The Invention of Germany. The promos denounce the pig-headed stereotypes about Germany held by many Britons, who see Germany distorted by the 'fog of Nazism.' To broaden the focus, the show deals exclusively with Germany before the two world wars. Should be interesting!

The Squeezebox, by the way, is very nice. It hooks up to your home wireless Internet connection, and lets you connect to thousands of radio stations from across the globe. The setup is pretty simple, and the design is great — the sound quality is surprisingly good for such a small, portable package, and the buttons are well-made and responsive. You can also stream your own music collection over the radio. Perhaps the one drawback is that you have to pay extra for a battery, which is essential if you want to carry the radio around with you.

4 thoughts on “‘The Invention of Germany’

  1. Andrew, you can read minds! I’ve been looking for a portable Internet radio for my husband for some time now. He claims to want one with a battery but I think he can do without initially. Christmas is coming. Reading the amazon reviews – I need my own server? What does that even mean?


  2. Thanks for the tip! I explored BBC Radio 4’s site and found they also have an interesting Podcast section. You can get all episodes of “A History of the World in 100 Objects” there for free!

    Your expression “fog of Nazism” immediately caught my attention. I googled for it and Google suggests that only 4 persons have ever used it:
    1. Andrew Hammel in this article
    2. Victor Klemperer in his famous “Lingua Tertii Imperii” (The language of the Third Reich)
    3. Rick Brown, editor of Naked Sunfish, in his review of “Cabaret”, performed by Shadowbox in Columbus, Ohio
    4. Roadagent, a right-wing commentator from Minneapolis, in a news page comment sction
    Now I ask myself: what’s the secret link between the four of you?


  3. @Tom of Finland, if that really is your name, aren’t you usually engaged in activities much more exciting than listening to the radio?

    The reference to the server is to software that you download for free from the Logitech website, and it automatically scans your computer for music and streams it to your radio. Works quite well.

    If you’re planning on having the radio always in your kitchen because that’s where you want to listen to music, then you won’t need the battery. However, if you want to take it with you (it’s extremely portable), you might want to order the battery at the same time. At any rate, it’s a really cool thing to have, I find.


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