9 thoughts on “Where is this Meta-Kiosk?

  1. First idea: Switzerland. Sometimes they make such things.
    Second idea (Dan Richter has already taken Switzerland): Netherlands. They can do such stuff too.


  2. I second (third?) Switzerland. It’s a bit unkempt but the concept and concrete roof style certainly fit. It will have a name like “Milchhüsli” and be located at a bus stop or a park in Bern.


  3. Wherever it is, it is not a kiosk. A kiosk is a vending place, or in its more ancient Persian meaning, a pavillion in a garden or palace.

    If its only purpose is to put something on display, it’s not a kiosk. But feel free to correct me if I am wrong (it wouldn’t surprise me…).


  4. Interesting guesses all. In fact, it’s in Luxembourg, on the west side of the Pont Adolphe. None of my friends who live in Luxembourg could explain what the small building is for, although it sometimes houses well-dressed mannequins. Now, it’s hosting a picture of itself.


  5. Thanks for the reveal Andrew. Duh, it’s art. My French is rusty, but it seems to be a defunct newspaper kiosk built in the 1960s, now turned into an art installation with rotating exhibits put on by the AICA Luxembourg section?
    (Second link has historical info). Other exhibits over the years have included “Schengen” and “Bla-Bla”. The one you saw must have been “KIOSQUE GIGOGNE” http://www.christian-aschman.com/ which fits with the meta aspect.


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