The Perils of Denglish, or Ass Love Deluxe for the Whole Ass Family

Ass Golf

Ever played 'Ass Golf'? In the mood for some 'Ass Love Deluxe'? Does your family deserve to become an 'Ass Family'?

If you answered 'Jawohl!', and I'm sure you did, have I got a hotel for you. It's called the Saalbacher Hof, in Saalbach, Austria, and its summer vacation packages include:

The theme here, as German-speakers will have immediately noticed, is playing cards: Trumpf = trump, and Ass = ace. But then the oily-haired marketing types pepped up the stodgy hotel's image with some of that sickeningly hip English. Today's Austrian 'Familys' deserve no less!

One simple rule for ad-men, delivered free of charge: If you start a phrase or sentence in German, for G$d's sake finish it in German.

4 thoughts on “The Perils of Denglish, or Ass Love Deluxe for the Whole Ass Family

  1. Hilarious….

    BTW this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the famous Rechtschreibreform (RSR). Pre-RSR, the spelling was “das As” (one s), Plural “die Asse”. Thanks to RSR we have to (or are supposed to) spell it “das Ass”.


  2. Unfortunately ‘Ass’ formerly ‘As’ (see Nom de Guerre july 13, 01:00) got nothing to do with the English language, but originates from the French. Unfortunately this damned (not famous) Rechtschreibreform tried to germanize it, so the spelling in the advertising is, well, at least sort of correct. Same happened to ‘Tip’ then transformed to ‘Tipp’, just another example.
    Leave it or love it – I still prefer to use the old-fashioned ‘As’ to avoid misunderstandings, even in adverts.


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