6 thoughts on “Mit Viel Yummy

  1. G-d forgive me, but I desperately want to draw a Hitler moustache and hair on that demented-looking potato. Why don’t one of you do it, to spare me the indignity? I bet it will become a famous internet meme!


  2. Mister PK won’t be able to topple cute cats who have black fur spots for A.H.’s mustache and parting anytime soon.

    On the other hand you start a “Denglish Gallery”, similar to those Chinglish blogs out there, where you could document the most heinous transgressions you’ll see over here, maybe with categories like “False fair-weather friends”, “Der Deppenapostroph”, “Turkish shop-owners doing English the German way” and -most importantly- “Telekom commercials”.


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