Slice of Life in the Former East

Just a bit of humdrum reality filmed before the fall of the Wall. I love the tram driver's mullet and tram-plant.

Unlike most YouTube comment threads, the one to this video is sort of interesting — people discuss whether the person who made this video could have been punished by East German authorities.

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life in the Former East

  1. Ja. Die DDR hatte die Todesstrafe 1987 abgeschafft. Und dass man den Herrn nach Bautzen verfrachtet hätte, ist auch fraglich.


  2. Thanks for sharing this video. I forwarded the link to my boyfriend, who actually used to drive East Berlin trams in the 80s while a student at the University. His response was “genauso… Ich könnte es sein…. Unglaublich…” Thanks for making his day.


  3. Oh and — I asked him just now about whether this film would have gotten anyone in trouble, and he says certainly not. He did once have American passengers in his tram at the end of a run, and struck up a conversation with them, which he says would surely have gotten him in all sorts of trouble. But filming a plain old streetcar route (in contrast to, say, power stations or Stasi buildings), either by Ossis or Wessis, would not have interested the authorities in the least. It would have appealed to their sense of the open, “free” Republic they were advertising.


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