Startup Idea: Ads for Enemies

A million-dollar idea: An app that lets you program the ads during your enemies' web or Facebook browsing. For $5, you can make sure that the entire day, they are looking at ads for nothing but giant sex toys, hemorrhoid cream, mail-order transgender escorts from Kyrgyzstan, the 'Twlight' movies, and suicide hotlines. 

2 thoughts on “Startup Idea: Ads for Enemies

  1. Well, hello, tort law! It’s been awhile – how are you doing? Good to see you dressed up in your Sunday best! And you’ve brought along your daughter, malicious interference with business. How cute! What – you have an urgent appointment somewhere?


  2. “Dude at work was complaining that his spoons were slowly disappearing from the lunch room. He had brought 6 to work and he was down to 2 […] Every time someone sent him an email, at the bottom, in white text (i.e. invisible unless highlighted), everyone would write “SPOON SPOON SPOON SPOON SPOON SPOON SPOON”. We all did this for several weeks (he had a gmail account) and that’s when he started losing his mind: every website he visited had ads for spoons and flatware! He thought google was reading his mind.”


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