Neanderthal Descent and Rock-Crusher

Last weekend I took my GoPro on this fantastic mountain-bike tour (g) through the Neander Valley and nearby areas. The first bit is a fun descent down a hillside road (pardon the stabilizer artifacts, still working on the technology), the second is a panning shot of a 'rock-crusher'. Part of the bike tour goes through Grube 7 (g) (Quarry 7), a former chalk-quarry pit that was closed down in 1964 and allowed to return to nature. There are a few reminders of its former purpose, though, including this huge platform, which was the above-ground portion of a rock crusher, now left to be slowly reclaimed by ivy and mosses. 

One thought on “Neanderthal Descent and Rock-Crusher

  1. Great discoveries were made here, about the fascinating history of a branch of mankind that endured ice ages, only to be overwhelmed by gentle weather and not-so gently modern humans. The Asians and Europeans have a small amount of Neanderthal blood in their veins. Survival through the rigorous northern climate provided natural selection for high intelligence, as well as physical strength and endurance of inclement conditions. Asians and Caucasians may have inherited these Neanderthal strong points, making themselves fit successors in the northlands. But if they were so smart and strong, then why did we frail humans prevail? Most likely our social organization, enhanced with superior speech, enabled us to envelop and annihilate these charming brutes, but perhaps we simply outbred them as well. Some mated with us, and we with them. Russian folk tales describe wild men (and women) called simply Alma, who could interbreed with them.


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