4 thoughts on “Make Me A German

  1. I watched it a few days ago and like any of these entertainment documentations it oversimplifies the issue for the convenience of the watcher.

    For example that Germans go to work and then do nothing but work is a myth I haven’t encountered in real life. That you’re not supposed to text while supervising a manufacturing machine is one thing – but what are smoke breaks for? And what about all the office people who hang around in Facebook all day? Or type comments in German Joys blogs? 😉

    And doing four-point-x hours of homework _every day_ can only be true if you count every single thing you do as homework.


  2. Nice one; for only spending a rather short time, it’s giving a bit of insight. It feels a little too focussed on finding the average or regional typical (to an eastern German, the housewife-only-attitude is as alien as to UK citizens). But basicly as broad of an experience, as you can get (or fit into a normal documentary) if only having so much time.


  3. This is an ambivalent title in English – it could mean “Make me a German” in the sense of transform me into a German, or it could mean “Make me a German” in the same way that Frankenstein made himself a man. I want to see both films!


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