German Word of the Week: Saugwarze


Today's GWOW courtesy of Robert Musil. After completing the first two volumes of The Man Without Qualities I'm staring on the third and fourth volumes. The third starts with Ulrich, the narrator, receiving the last telegram from his father, a middle-European jurist to the core: 'You are hereby informed that my death has taken place — Your Father' (Setze dich von meinem erfolgten Ableben in Kenntnis. — Dein Vater'). Ulrich returns to his home and meets his sister Agathe for the first time in years, which sends him on a new round of philosophical musings.

Among them are the eternal mysteries of the male and female principle — if they are opposed and distinct, then why do men have nipples? But doesn't use the contemporary word for nipple, Brustwarze or 'breast-wart' (not bad in itself) but the quaint term Saugwarze — suck-wart. Next time I'm at a nude beach, or even certain public parks in Germany, I plan to compliment die Mädels on their succulent suck-warts. They love displays of pointless erudition.

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