Order, Security, Cleanliness and Discipline

I hope you like the redesign. Until recently, Typepad only gave you two options: the center column could be either 500 pixels wide, or no border at all. I chose no border because 500 pixels is too narrow for many embeds and pictures.

Thanks to a recent upgrade, though, you can now have a broader main column, so I've done that. I also changed the banner, to reflect this blog's Signature Values™ of Order, Security, Cleanliness and Discipline. The recognition plaque comes from the former East Germany. During the last years of Communism, the government tried to compensate for empty store shelves and crumbling infrastructure by giving nearly every citizen a prize, plaque, or award of some sort.

It didn't work. Or did it?

3 thoughts on “Order, Security, Cleanliness and Discipline

  1. unfortunately the inscription isn’t readable – would you mind to publish the image in higher resolution? (and it looks like a tin-plate sign – what should the citizens do with it? nail it above the doorbell?)


  2. BILD Zeitung (not the most reliable source, I know) published an interview with the GDR’s last executioner soon after the fall of the wall. A man who took pride in his work and expected to be recognized for it, he recounted the time where he picked up a prisoner from death row who then threw up all over the van on their way to the gallows. The executioner made him clean up the mess, of course. He believed in people being held to account for their actions… especially when it came to order and cleanliness.


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