2 thoughts on “John Oliver on U.S. Prisons

  1. US prison pop is overwhelmingly black. Reminds me of France having been called out by the United Nations Human Rights Council because inmates are overwhelmingly Muslim (here’s some Muslims whining). Same in UK, Netherlands etc. So, either we should be reeducated anti-racistwise or else, we import more minorities so they can put us in jail where we belong. Else, we could do it like the good people of Oregon or Massachusetts, zoning out minorities and not having that much to begin with, so they have euro-style crime stats. Do I have exhausted the possibilities?

    Else: …yeah, U.S. prisons suck even more than ours, you can have that anytime, but I call preening and signalling anyway.


  2. well, the nighted states are contagious. i’d not bee too surprised if they’d spread this variety of a legal system to germany one day. they tried with guantanmo, torture and drones. they succeeded with smoking bans. i think they will be successful with their prison system too. but this english comedian sounds a little like an american version of volker pispers over here. where is the infection vector there?


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