Hollywood Upstairs Law College

Ahh, America, land of few regulations, especially in Alaska:

Alaska’s first in-state law school will open March 2015, according to the not-always-reliable Internet.

But ask an array of state agencies and one of the institution’s alleged staff members about the “Alaska Law School, In God We Trust” and the reality of what’s promised on thealaskalawschool.com grows less certain.

The at-times kooky website, riddled with spelling and factual errors, asks for an $85 fee to apply to the law school. It’s looking to raise $185 million from individual donors, though the linked PayPal account displayed an error message Wednesday pointing to a problem with the account holder’s email address. 

Despite its flaws, the website does intricately explain the law school’s staffing, tuition rates and academic offerings, from a Juris Doctor program that costs $43,000 a year for in-state students to certificates in criminal justice and public safety that cost about $1,500 a year. The website says the school will kick off what it’s calling the “Michaelmas Term” on March 3. It has already handed itself the honor of “the first law school in the history of our great state,” according to the website.

Many would argue that certain existing American law schools have turned into little more than tuition-milking scams, but this might be the first school to actually start that way — the legal equivalent of Hollywood Upstairs Medical College.

In any case, you know your law school's in trouble when newspaper articles describe 'alleged staff members'. Plus, where did they come up with 'Michaelmas Term'? Did they cut and paste it from a Dickens novel?

Let's wait and see. This should be fun!

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