4 thoughts on “Who Inflicted Stupid Pointless Daylight Savings Time on The World?

  1. @ noribori:

    But what we see in the video isn’t the invaders instituting daylight saving time, it is adjusting the French time zone to UCT+1. Before the German occupation, French had UTC like the UK.

    The Germans introduced German time to France to make the whole admnistrative business that much easier.

    Thing is, the French must’ve really liked that move, since they’ve kept it that way until today. What’s more, they even inspired the Spaniards to align with them, so Spain switched to UTC+1 at some point as well, which if really preposterous when you look at a map.


  2. You are right, the trailer shows adjusting the french time zone, not adjusting to daylight saving time. Karambolage describes the whole process in detail (g). There’s the same time zone for Germany, France and Spain since 1940 and a European daylight saving time since 1980. Now one could ask: is it daylight saving time which causes the problems for poor Spaniards who can’t sleep at 11 p.m.? Or is it the adjusted time zone?

    (But no matter what your answer is, they can always say: “I’m damned if I’m living by German time.”)


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