KaDeWe Receipt from 1972

I recently bought a 1965 Reclam book 'Klassiker des Feuilletons' at a flea market in Berlin. Inside was the receipt, from good old KaDeWe, Kaufhaus Des Westens. In the spirit of Forgotten Bookmarks, I scanned it for you:

Top.bmpI wonder whether KaDeWe actually had 206 cash registers, or whether '206' just stood for register number 6 on the second floor…

3 thoughts on “KaDeWe Receipt from 1972

  1. Pavel, probably just a random receipt used as a bookmark. Unrelated–I grew up at the adjacent Wittenbergplatz in the 60ies.* Half of the buildings nearby had been bombed flat, so the KDW was the only supermarket cum warehouse around. We were poor, my father being a student, but like everybody else we would do our errands at the KDW, it wasn’t so exclusive, then. Occasionally, we would even dine out at the restaurant, which seemed more like a canteen compared to modern standards. Loved it though, the din of forks and knifes clanging against plates and the hum of conversations–no muzak! Pavlov’s bell promising a treat–eating at a civil service cafeteria makes me nostalgic nowadays, sounds of the 60ies. At the food section they would toast peanuts, a wildly exotic smell at the time in Germany. I’d always drag my mum to that booth so I could see the posters with black and brown folks, boats and water planes with their peanut cargo–yearning for peanuts, good times!

    * “free range”, of course. kids older than six were expected to be back at 6 pm (Abendbrot!), till then they were scot-free to roam around the city–fascist repression wherever you shook a stick at.


  2. > Half of the buildings nearby had been bombed flat
    just checked some old photos, maybe it was just a third–but seemingly they had hunted down all the grocery stores! allierte verbrecher!


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