Both ‘Die Zeit’ Corrections Now Online, the Countdown is Over

Happy to report that Die Zeit has now published a correction to the article from August 2014 which I identified a few weeks ago. And has inserted links to the correct statistics and a note explaining the correction (g). They have also appended a note to the article from yesterday (g) whose error I pointed out, but only about the number of police killings in the USA, not the racial breakdown. However, since that error appeared online only yesterday, was almost immediately corrected after I pointed it out, and the correction was identified in a comment, I see no problem.

Many thanks to Jochen Wegner, the online editor of Die Zeit, for quickly taking action once he was informed. I probably should have gotten in touch with him before, but I somehow missed his name. I can say that in this case, Die Zeit has shown an admirable concern for accuracy when informed of errors. It would have been better if the errors had never appeared. Hire more fact-checkers, Die Zeit.

Reporters without Borders will be getting a 30 Euro donation from me tomorrow. 

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