Anti-Gay Sentiment, ISIS Members, and Religious Lynch Mobs In Migrant Hostels

If there is one fundamental constant of human society, it's this: if a large number of diverse people migrates from one country to another, that group of people will bring its own customs and attitudes with it. This includes ethnic, personal, and religious rivalries. Import the people, import the conflicts. Often makes for interesting movies.

And now to the latest sobering dispatch from the slow-motion train wreck that is German immigration policy. Die Welt reports (g) that at an overcrowded migrant hostel in Suhl, in Thuringia, one migrant ripped pages from a Koran, apparently as a protest. He was immediately surrounded by a group of 50 other migrants who threatened to kill him. The police had to intervene and take the Koran-ripper into protective custody. 125 police were required to get the situation under control. 15 people were injured, 4 of them police. Six police cars were damaged, also many walls and windows, and the private security firm's office completely demolished:



Local officials are now debating whether to house separate ethnic groups separately. In other news, gay migrants often face homophobic insults (g) in packed migrant hostels, and migrants are reporting that some of their fellow migrants have ties to ISIS.

Germany is expecting 800,000 migrants this year alone, and something like half-a-million have yet to arrive.

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