OK, Now the One-Migrant-Post-A-Week Rule Takes Effect

OK, enough with the seemingly-hourly updates. It's just too fun / depressing to point out the disaster Europe and Germany have brought down on themselves. The fun part is Schadenfreude and the dubious satisfaction of seeing my dire predictions come true again and again, like some kind of digital Cassandra.

Do you remember just a few months ago when predictions of 500,000 refugees were denounced as exaggerated myths propagated by xenophobic right-wing extremists?

Ahh, the good old days.

The depressing part is knowing that, once the initial (German-only) savior-euphoria wears off, there will be tremendous conflict and resentment — not to mention drastic political sea-changes — unleashed by Germany's decision to encourage hundreds of thousands of people from distant lands, with no identification, to stream across national borders without any meaningful control or verification. Get ready for the collapse of Schengen, increasingly vicious intra-EU conflicts, and the ascendance, all across Europe, of durable, powerful coalitions of center-right and nationalist anti-immigrant parties.

I've made my predictions clear enough here, now I'll just sit back and see how many of them come true. For everyone's sake, I hope I turn out to be wrong. Once a week, I'll check in. For now, on to more cheerful topics!

3 thoughts on “OK, Now the One-Migrant-Post-A-Week Rule Takes Effect

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I’m a German living in Asia, found your blog recently. My family lives across the Rhein, you can see it from Düsseldorf. I left Germany eight years ago; I knew what’s gonna come over Germany and over Europe in the next decades, all my predictions came true, for now. I hope, like you, my fantasies would stay only fantasies, but unfortunately they all came true and keep coming true. Germany is becoming an outlet of hell. But I know my compatriots well and I predict much more to come, all of the same kind.

    Great work! Thanks again,



  2. I hope that you hope to be wrong.

    But I doubt that you hope it… I think the pleasure of having been right (the Besserwisser joy and schadenfreude) has more appeal for you (maybe subconsciously) and drives you more than being the impartial judge and voice of reason who just wants to be the saviour of Germany with his advice.

    Only time will tell.


  3. @Florian Siedschlag: Sure, there’s a certain satisfaction in seeing reality catch up with other people’s irresponsible and short-sighted conduct. Germans felt it in March 2003, when they all confidently predicted that the invasion of Iraq would go pear-shaped and pointed out exactly why that would happen.

    And almost all those predictions came true. If only George W. Bush had taken them seriously, a lot of human suffering would have been prevented.

    But I’ve tried not to merely sit on the sidelines playing the know-it-all. I also proposed a different policy that would be legal, sustainable, consistent with modern human-rights law, and solve most of the problems we’re seeing now. Published it and put it out there for anyone to see. And as we’re been seeing many points of my plan are rapidly being adopted by the EU. Far too late.


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