2 thoughts on “Sunset, 8 September 2015

  1. From my eighth floor flat in Bonn I once had a grandiose vista of the rhine vally, spanning from the Godesburg to the Cologne Dome in good weather. Once at sundown there was a double sun for minutes, a rare athmospheric condition that kept me mesmerised til the illusion dissolved slowly. Kept me wondering for looking so real, like the occasional brilliant and fantastic rainbow that allows for moments of childlike amazement. Having a flat with a view is great–looking at the clouds is much better than gazing that damn ol’ navel, though sometimes it cares for funny moments, too.

    Having written the above, with no afterthought til the very second, I swear (isch schwör’!*), the lesioned part of my brains kicks in, reminds me of this photo I took, makes me point to it. I could decide not to, but don’t. My bedroom in SO36 has a nice rear view to a leafy green Berlin Hinterhof. The mostly Altbau lined side of the block mostly houses politer society (SO36 variety, not posh but with degrees. Urban gardening, faith healing etc. Some go for the hard stuff like social sciences). The other side succumbed to Berlin’s Baumafia shenanigans of the 80ies, drab new concrete rules, fashionable with the other. That’s the kitchen’s vista, opposite the block’s only underground parking lot, the neon-lit entrance being popular with the hood. Cultural preferences. Politeers use the garage too, avoiding hooded company, if they can. The photo shows the aftermath of a cash based car deal gone wrong–the sturdy duped vendor kept to his money with a vengeance, the determind fake buyer wouldn’t have it, and he had a knife.

    An arquitect has an office nearby, so he uses that garage, though he, um, dislikes the entrance. He moved to Lichtenberg recently, as his wife was expecting. It’s ill-reputed as being Nazi-infested, but gentryfication will see to that. Also, Nazi-infested is code for awusefully non-diverse, depends on context. Late at a party, punch drunk, his teacher wife once dissed me for crimethink, loudly on purpose. Unlike her husband, she’s quite unbright to begin with. He supported her feebly, with measured words, argumentationsförmig** (think rechtsförmig***), because he’d much rather risk getting knifed than taking the 100% chance of getting ostracised and losing income. Some risks are mere statistical artifacts libz have to ignore for stats being cold & heartless. All the while moving to Lichtenberg. Cultural preferences. He doesn’t build houses, natch, he curates things progressive, so having his peers getting word of him not dissing when dissing is due partying in fancy trust-funded duplexes cum roof-deck isn’t an option–think of the children.

    For non-German speakers:

    * Turk-German lingo

    ** In the manner of an argument (…but not an argument)

    *** In the manner of juridical reasoning (…but not quite the real thing). Jocular allusion to a term coined by bad ol’ Schmittschnauze.**** Nazi jurist, yet very sharp.

    **** A pun referring to former chancellor Helmut Schmidt, nicknamed “Schmidt-Schnauze” (Schmidt, the loud mouth). Sharpish, though not all that sharp, but not a Nazi. After the war.


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