Another Prediction Realized: The Upper Limit

So much has been happening that it seems impossible it was less than three weeks ago that I inadvertently sketched the future of German migration policy.

Me, August 31: In consultation with other EU member states, Germany will set an annual upper limit on the number of humanitarian migrants, including refugees, which it will harbor. I'd suggest something like 250,000 per year. A million refugees a year is not sustainable for Germany.

German Interior Minister (for now, calls for him to resign are getting louder) Thomas de Maiziere, as summarized (g) by the German channel RTL: "Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has made a controversial proposal in light of the continuing stream of refugees. In an interview with 'Der Spiegel' he demanded EU quotas. In other words, an upper limit for the acceptance of refugees. If the limit is reached, the Minister said, the refugee should be sent back to their country of origin, if it is safe there."

See, this is why I don't mind when people inaccurately call me a right-wing populist. In this crisis of uncontrolled mass migration, what's a "right-wing populist" idea on Monday is often the conventional wisdom by Friday. 




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