Frauke Petry’s English: A Solid ‘B’

I'd give her a solid 'B' in English, about comparable to the German '2'. Like many Germans, she seems to have learned her English from someone in the UK, so she has a German-English accent, which I always find amusing. Germans, for their part, find it amusing when I speak with a Rhineland accent.

The Times also publishes a short profile of Petry:

Ms. Petry and other nationalist-minded leaders ousted the more Europe-oriented founder of the party, then locked onto the identity issue as the embodiment of how Ms. Merkel and the German establishment were ruining the country and ignoring ordinary folk, said Hajo Funke, a politics professor at the Free University in Berlin.

Starting in the former Communist East Germany, in Ms. Petry’s home state of Saxony, they whipped “unhappiness about political and economic alienation” into anger and double-digit scores in opinion polls, Professor Funke said.

Ms. Petry has stood out, he added. “She wants power, she wants to get into government.”

Professor Funke and other leading political scientists are doubtful her success will last. But the immediate impact of the migrant crisis is undeniable, cutting across age, education, class, region and political persuasion….

In a shabby hall on the outskirts of Mannheim, a city of 300,000 about 60 miles south of Frankfurt, Ms. Petry got a sympathetic hearing from some 250 listeners.

“Germany is crazy,” said Katja Kornmacher, 46, who said she works in a publishing house and holds two university degrees. “We have the feeling that we can’t say anything” against the leftist view in Germany. “It starts in school, where we are told what is correct.”

“And those who follow this line land better in life,” she continued. “The line is: ‘Right is bad, left is good.’ And then the leftists are outside shouting against this democratic event.”

Apparently the New York Times hasn't gotten the memo that any article about Frauke Petry must be liberally salted with phrases like 'rabble-rouser', 'liar', 'cynical', and 'inhuman'.

It's almost as if they think their readers can make up their own minds.

7 thoughts on “Frauke Petry’s English: A Solid ‘B’

  1. Before I arrived in Germany, I would have qualified as a card-carrying member of the Greens or the SPD: but after countless encounters with the “mind-forg’d manacles” worn by German leftists, Maoists, Spartakisten, et al., in particular with their Manichaean paranoia about my native country, mirroring the paranoia exhibited by certain members of the American right wing in a manner painfully ironic to me, and being by nature an incurable, freethinking contrarian, that phrase “Right is bad, left is good” certainly resonates with me, as well as its obverse “Right is good, left is bad.”


  2. She could use a few days of aversion therapy to stop the incessant Um’ing. It’s so irritating that I could barely take in what she’s saying.


  3. I find her quite fluid in her own native tongue, though… and hmmm… the AfD do seem to have some real crackers amongst their leadership… interesting…


  4. “the AfD do seem to have some real crackers amongst their leadership”

    Like Alexander Gauland, who’s basically Putin’s man in Germany? Or Björn Höcke, who comes over like a Goebbels 2.0? Or Konrad Adam, who was in favour of denying the jobless, the pensioners and the people working for the state the right to vote? Or Beatrix von Storch, who clearly has problems with accepting that men can also love men or women can be in love with women?

    Crackers? Crackpots, more like.


  5. Why, thank you, Dr. benway. You really prove my point!

    Having you on the other side of the argument on anything is such a sure-fire way of testing if I’m on the right track. Where have you ben? I’ve ben missing you!

    I shall really go into it now.

    Welcome back again!


  6. Note that the word “cracker” means one thing in British English and something entirely different in American English.

    While in BE it means a person or thing that is very good or special–“That woman is a cracker”–in AE a cracker is a derogatory term for whites, a word used by blacks against whites the same way “nigger” is used by whites against blacks.

    Possible etymology: the “crack” of the whip belonging to the white slave driver.

    So, Dr. Benway, “cracker” as characterization of certain AFD politicians may not be so far off the mark, after all.


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