Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sex but Were Afraid to Ask the German Government

Out of pure chivalry, I'm putting this mildly NSFW post below the fold.



This is a screenshot from zanzu ('My Body in Words and Pictures'), a sex-education website started on February 25th by the German Federal Health Information Ministry to educate migrants about sex.

It's all there: sex positions, 'How to Masturbate' (!), contraceptives, pregnancy, counseling for victims of abuse, etc. It features information in 14 languages, and has a text-to-speech function for the hundreds of thousands of illiterates who streamed into Germany in 2015. The idea is to provide basic information for people who come from backwaters where sex is taboo, and education about it is unknown. It also has a section – much needed, alas — explaining that beating and raping people is wrong.

The website has attracted a lot of attention, and not a little mockery. That's a bit unfair. Given that Germany has already made the fateful decision to invite hundreds of thousands of non-refugees from the most backward segments of many Middle and Near Eastern countries, something like this is probably necessary. The ignorance, taboos, and superstitions about sex that prevail in such places is well-documented.

If it were up to me, I wouldn't have imported the kind of people who need simple-minded remedial education about sex. They're very unlikely to succeed in a place like Germany.

But that train, alas, has already left the station.

However, a little voice in the back of my head wonders how our young male newcomers are going to interpret illustrations like the ones below. Given that they sometimes proposition German women by showing them porno films (g) on mobile telephones (and then attempting to rape them when they decline to follow suit), I can't help thinking that some people will interpret these as invitation, not instruction. Let's just wait for the first sex attack in which precisely these illustrations play a role.



2 thoughts on “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sex but Were Afraid to Ask the German Government

  1. The graphics might well have the opposite of the effect intended, namely titillation at the expense of responsible sex, at least in the minds of young migrant men newly arriving from societies in which sexual repression is the norm.

    Come to think about it, sexuality has much to do with current mass migration from overly populated countries.

    If the German birth rate were as high as it was before the introduction of the Pill, the government would never have let in as many migrants as it has in the last few decades. The very low birth rate is key to Merkel’s bizarre Willkommenskultur. An overly industrialized, consumer- and performance-oriented society and the mechanical sterility of working lives lie behind it. But to call this into question is taboo.

    Merkel herself may serve as living symbol of Germany’s reprodutive dilemma. Childless Merkel, nevertheless now known by half the world as Mutti, or Mama, Merkel: how ironic. A psychiatrist would have a field day interpreting her well-known trademark, the famed rhombus, a symbol empty of meaning held in front of an empty womb.

    Also worthy of speculation is the German feminist relativization or outright denial of sexual wrongdoing on last New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

    I’m skeptical about theories regarding allegedly unmanly German men as compared to manly men from the Third World, as well as the conclusion drawn from such tawdry observations, namely that German women are yearning, consciously or unconsciously, for “real men,” men who will satisfy them sexually and impregnate them; nevertheless, the contradictory responses of German women to migrants, their fear of and fascination with them, shows that something may be afoot here.


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