3 thoughts on “Defenders of Democracy

  1. I miss the Inner Fascist™. That’s the guy with the sloppy haircut in a worn jacket who works in a bank or in low-level civil service, who’s still paying off his used BMW (BMW, because appearance matters), the guy who when walking down the street sees the pregnant woman in the burka pushing a stroller and the Arab teen migrant (black leather jacket, white running shoes, smart phone, cigarette) and thinks, oh, no, there goes the neighborhood, why are there so many of those people here all of a sudden and maybe I should have voted for AfD last Sunday instead of that SPD hack, but I better shut up, otherwise people might get the wrong idea.


  2. Watching the brave Defenders of Democracy on German television at the moment goes like this:

    Oh, the AfD. The terrible AfD. The terrifying, fear- and scare- mongering AfD (or whoever). These people set up little street stalls and web sites, and, if they are not attacked or hacked immediately, they will mong their fear. They scare anonymous innocent passers-by and readers into voting for them in the next secret ballot, then scare them for another four to five years to vote for them again in the coming election, all the while being devoid of any content.

    Nobody else behaves like that! Really! The Energiewende has naught to do with being afraid of radioactivity; the reduction of C02 does not play on the fear of rising sea levels; the welcome of migrants has officially no connection to worries about demographics or economy. It’s all on the mind, you see. But what a business model!

    OK. In truth, the only people the AfD (or whoever) really frighten are a small group of media people and politicians to whom 14% plus loss of personal and party income mean Armageddon or Weltuntergang, as we say here. And loss of absolute power as well, of course – or could it be Götterdämmerung?


    So, the brave Defenders of Democracy have publicly and bravely committed themselves to cross swords with the AfD (or whoever) by calling them fear mongers even more. And nuts. And goons. And by telling the media so. And, if part of the latter group, by digging up crotchety old teachers who slander their former pupils for a bit of fame and money – or at least I hope that was the motive, any thing else would be even more distasteful. And posting their mug shots all over the media outlets. Wanted, dead or alive! But preferably dead! High rewards offered!

    Not that crossing swords with your political opponents were a matter of course nowadays; they way things have become, you have to mention that intention; for it does surprise the onlookers, who are not used to that kind of behavior any more. Political what?

    Of course, content will be left out of the fight as much as possible, since the Social Democrats and Leftists just found out what happens if the people even suspect such a thing, in a hardly-known and heavily silenced new party – which also tells you what they think of the parties they used to vote for, even if that may have been a long time ago by now.

    What was the name for it? Chicken wings?


  3. Addendum:

    Up to now, it does not really matter if this new political party (for that’s what it is, formally, made up in part by renegades of others – which may save it from being destroyed like the naive Pirates) has anything to say or not; as the sheer existence, and voter support, of anyone that might disturb the circles has put the fear of being found out into said circles.

    Already their presence, and voter clout here (together with, of course, the contemporary and concerted “solitary, unilateral and unsolidary” action of every other European state, resp. their ghoulish leaders, that openly call us insane, and dangerous! How dare they! We can have you pay the Turks whatever we like!) has produced a mighty and instantaneous lurch towards realism, truth and sanity in the political debate, if not yet enough by far. To have this effect they needed not to lift a finger. It was as if everybody concerned was just waiting in the wings to have an excuse to blurt out some unsavory facts of life.

    These are people who don’t think all Germans deserve to live in a home for the elderly and helplessly feeble-minded. Their voters are young, their assemblies are too – I’d say 40- 50isch by the looks of it. No kids, but people who are responsible for what is going to happen and who will reap the benefits or downfalls (the Merkel- Minders are biologically on their way to day care, and savor the prospect of having nice young foreign care slaves they can shove around – look it up).

    And as one can learn from “leaked” papers so conveniently put online by their antagonists, these Creatures from the Black Lagoon (parents! yuck!) propose, amongst other things, to abolish forced public funding of the media; that’s around 8 billion a year, rising, and 25.000 permanent staff -do your math- and they are said to have big loot stashed somewhere already; a sum that just about equals the one Turkey is about to get for guarding the European border.

    Now, this does not go down well at all with that staff, i. e. publicly, and in part lavishly, funded media people (and part of this moolah goes to private companies of said media people and their families); so, there might just be a teeny bit of bias against the AfD (or whoever says something like that) on their part. As one journalist put it live on TV, those too stupid or simple to get what it’s about -i. e. his worldly explanation of things- should better, well, refrain from voting; there’s democracy for you.

    Telling people you want to put them on the job line with the selfsame immigrants they just hauled in to avoid that, well, is bound to taint their judgment just a little bit, and that conflict of interest alone will not lead to neutral, or let alone favorable, reporting.

    And the majority of the other media is a conglomerate too; all major newspapers in this country, down to the local editions under a variety of names, are AFAIK owned by around four big companies or families; some of which are in the business of “counseling” the government, too, or furnishing well-paid jobs for ex-officials.

    You know the game. Let the bribing begin! Of course, that money will now go to other people than before, which, of course, sort of angers and confuses them. No job for the kid there… darn these voters!!!

    Must- change- perspective! Loyalty… weakens… arrrgghhh.


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